The Autograph Ball makes for the perfect sports money box or bank. Fitted with a coin / note slot towards the top of the ball this can make for the perfect gift for encouraging that budding sports star to save for more equipment or memberships or subscriptions.  So whether you are a young golfer, tennis player or basketballer, the Autograph Ball will be right for you to save towards your next big item!

autograph ball money box
Save for your next sporting purchase with Autograph Ball Money Box.

This large plastic ball is quite a large money box and the Autograph Ball opens by twisting in half.  It sits on a quality plastic stand and when places in a prominent place will remind the child to save and save.

The Sport Ball Money Box is also perfect for workplaces when placed on the reception desk or in the staff area it can be used to raise funds for charity sports days etc.  Examples include where over 100 balls were returned full of coins to a Charity Golf Day. This proved a fabulous return for the Charity and the balls were weighed with winners announced as the heaviest Money Box being one of the many prizes on the Golf Day.