The Autograph Ball is perfect for sports promotions in shops and retail outlets.  The plastic sports balls can sit on shop shelves, counters or racking and can also be strung with fine line to hang in windows and displays.   They are perfect for sports shops.

The balls can be coloured for a theme or be the original sports balls and can be used for significant Point of Sale celebrations and promotions like Christmas and Easter to provide Point of Sale themes for Sports shops.

eg. a golf pro shop may have some Easter Eggs inside a clear big golf ball at Easter time.  There is no doubt the options are endless and the balls are the perfect size to gain attention, but not too big to be unsightly and overwhelming.  They are light enough to be able to be worked with by shop staff easily.  And as Point of Sale items they look super no matter what sport it is.   And if you are general sports store why not order an assortment of all of the plastic sports balls for your next promotion. You could even put small LED’s inside to light them up.

Tennis Ball Hat StandJumbo Golf Ball Cap Stand We have had the big plastic balls used for Point of Sale promotions for pharmaceutical companies in drug stores counters in the USA.  We’ve seen the big golf balls used as Golf cap stands at Golf Shops and Expos.  And this is relevant to all the other jumbo Autograph balls like basketballs and tennis balls.  They look super with caps and hats and are the perfect size to place caps and hats on top as Point of Sale promotion items.

And then the balls have also been used at expos, exhibitions and conferences for presenting companies or exhibitors to align their brand with that sport. They use the big balls for display.  Some may even give them away or have them as marketing tool.  eg. Guess how may golf tees are inside the clear golf ball.

Further to that we have been commissioned for original works.  eg. the Wilson POS Project.  We were approached by Wilson Golf to produce a large plastic replica of their new golf ball. The production of the Wilson golf ball was a project specifically for the promotion of their new golf ball as a Point of Sale item.  And the big ball was used world wide for display in retail golf shops.