Our Autograph Ball products are designed to last years as mementos or adored items by their owners.
But they are fully recyclable.

Our follows over the years shows that the ball is valued by the recipient and can end up on the recipients bookshelf or dresser.
It’s ended up in Board Rooms and Corporate Office shelves.


Granular OutputWe are committed to “sustainability” and always are looking into many options for our production of balls.
We keep abreast of the latest in alternative material options for production.
As the ball can be a handled kids product, the ball is made of high quality plastic that is recyclable.
When thinking of the plastic quality, think like “Lego” plastics.

And in terms of production in the Australian facility. That moulding facility uses significant levels of solar energy as a carbon offset.
The facility has received awards for it’s sustainability directives.

All “off” parts are recyclable and are granulated on the production site. This recycled plastic is then reused. There no waste.
Please see photo of granulator output.

We continue to progress in this area as a constant.