The original and best Autograph Ball can also be a Sports Gift Pack. Yes, the oversized plastic sports ball simply twists open or twist to close.  Being approximately 170mm in diameter, the high quality plastic ball is perfect for placing gifts or other promotional items inside to create the Sports Ball Gift Packs.

As examples;
The Autograph Golf Ball could fit

  • a dozen golf balls easily
  • golf shirts
  • golf towel
  • some golf caps
  • golf tees, a sleeve of 3 golf balls and a small golf towel
  • many more

The Autograph Tennis Ball can fit

  • 6 tennis balls
  • tennis shirt
  • tennis wrist bands
  • tennis visor
  • invitations
  • many more items

That’s just a taste of the sorts of things that can fit inside the oversized plastic ball. We have had CD’s, soft toys, pens, sports watches, sports phones, and many many more items.  If you have a promotional product idea to place inside these quality plastic sports packs, please just ask and we can help you test it out.

These Big Sports Gift Packs also work perfectly at hotels and guest houses that provide a welcome gift pack inside the guests room upon arrival.  That next sports holiday will never be so great with a Sports pack filled with welcome goodies.   And similarly that next sports conference that wants a unique sports pack for guests will hit the mark with these unforgettable sports packs.

Just imagine your client’s reaction when they are delivered a Sports Gift Pack that looks like the Sport they love. And maybe it’s also an invitation.  There is no doubt they will push all other work to the side to get to your contact item and everyone else in the office will be wanting to know what it’s all about.

We’ve also worked a fair bit over the years on inserts for the balls and also on the packaging so make sure you checkout our information on Ball Inserts and Packaging.  We can work with you to make you sports ball gift pack ideas come to life.

More Autograph Ball Gift Pack Ideas