The original idea of the Autograph Ball was as a marketing promotional golf giveaway where golf lovers at a golf tournament could use the oversized plastic golf ball to get signatures from PGA tournament players and celebrities.  It was an instant hit with adults and children.  People lined up at the Expo tent where the golf balls were being given away.  Players signed items at a PGA Autograph area and adults and kids lined up with big balls to get those signatures.

And as a Signature Ball it was originally thought that the owner might put significant personal value on the Autograph Ball and have it displayed in their home or office in a prominent place.  Research of focus groups later showed this to be correct.   Owners placed high sentimental value on the Signature Ball.  Amazingly years after the event the Autograph Balls still held high prominent placement and value by the owners.

For marketing purposes this can be a very high value return for companies that would like their brand taken into the domestic residence or commercial workplace of the ball owners.   The extra bonus for those brands is that the balls are usually displayed in a prominent place with high sentimental value attributed by the owner as a strong memory.

Since the year 2000 the Golf Signature Ball has been seen at Golf Tournaments around the world.  PGA players love the engagement of golf fans to sign the memorabilia item.  The Autograph Ball is easy to sign with a permanent marker pen or texta.  The ball is light weight and easy to handle and the ball surface feels like a golf ball.  The Autograph Ball is made of high quality plastic and looks and feels like a real golf ball. It’s just much bigger and lighter.  The surface finish on the dimpled golf ball is super fine.

At Golf Tournaments the PGA provide areas for players to engage with fans and provide the fans with signatures on items.  And at some tournaments fans are encouraged to come and meet the players at Souvenir tents.  Players sometimes are sitting at tables and can sign memorabilia such as the Autograph Ball while talking with the fans.  It’s such an inspiration for old golfers and young golfers alike.  The long term results are remarkable in the persistent value of that personal moment resulting in a Signature Ball keepsake.

Since the original Autograph Golf Ball we have developed the Autograph Tennis Ball and Autograph Basketball.  These other plastic Sports Balls can be used as Signature Balls as well.  They are made of high quality plastic and look realistic to their sports.  Once again it would be contended that once the owner has obtained a player signature the balls value to the owner becomes significantly higher.

The Signature Ball is better for Sports Lovers to collect Signatures because:

  • It can be displayed on a quality stand by the owner
  • Is easy to easy to write on by sports stars with a permanent marker pen
  • Signatures on the ball look great and really can stand out
  • It can be used for other things aswell like a money box/bank

So make sure your sports lover takes an Autograph Ball to your next sports tournament.  And get it signed and displayed at home or in the office. It could be the inspiration they need.

The Signature Ball is better for Companies for Promotional purposes because:

  • The sports brands and company logos look great on the Big Plastic Sports Balls
  • The big plastic balls have a very high visibility at events like Golf Tournaments.
    • “It looks like there are 1000 balls out there. They are everywhere.”
    •  When in fact only 100 balls were distributed per day.
  • Once the balls are signed the sports fan owner attributes a very high sentimental value
  • The balls have a high chance of being displayed prominently long term by the owner in the home or office increasing the chance of brand penetration.
    • It has high visibility on shelves or desks
  • The balls can create hype and buzz at promotional tents and expos.  They can be a great promotional loss leader for access to high net worth results.
  • The balls open and can have other company or promotional material placed inside them.
  • The ball can be used by the owner as a bank or money box increasing it’s use.

For promotional opportunities make sure the next sports tournament your company has anything to do with has your logo on the Signature Ball.